About Us


Our Story

We started out working on projects for large organisations and realised collectively not only did we  work well as a team but had identified a gap in the market, being able to drop into a business, identify the problem, customer need or solution and set about delivering, without excessive cost and delivering results quickly and effectively.

We provide simple and logical answers and solutions without a lot of flowery language.  We will avoid endless discussion and with sound reasoning,  backed up with rigorous and in-depth analysis provide a pathway to deliver viable propositions, products and solutions that answer your customers’ demands.

We have considerable in-house talent with several years experience working in a number ofindustries and business areas.   We have all independently and collectively worked on high profile projects from turnarounds to new product development

Where we require additional resources or specialist skills we turn to our panel of trusted experts on our bench.  This gives us access to a wide range of skills and experience from individuals we regularly work with and trust to do a great job.


  • →   Market & commercial analysis
  • →   Commercial finance
  • →   Strategy and planning
  • →   Propositions & Product Management
  • →   Sales operations
  • →   CRM, CVM, Retention and base management
  • →   Agile business analysis and scrum masters
  • →   Solution and technical design
  • →   Customer base migrations
  • →   Go to Market & Digital Marketing
  • →   5G Mobile Strategy
  • →   Value Added Services Propositions

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