What We Do

RJP Consulting provide consulting services to telecom, media and utility organisations and are specifically focused on strategic planning, solving business problems and customer challenges, developing new solutions and offers, as well as improving the efficiency of processes and the profitability of business lines.

Both our in-house team and trusted partners have many years of experience helping companies in the UK, Middle East, EMEA and Asia and can provide a wide range of specialist services including analysis, finance, strategy and planning, propositions, go to market, sales operations, retention and base management.

Our focus is on telecoms, both mobile and fixed, together with the relevant integration of media, value add services and combining with other utilities for consumer, small and large business as.

One of primary specialisms is the strategic development of 5G networks, the practical use case for slicing, monetising new data services as well as developing the IoT market.

Our Expertise Covers 4 Key Business Areas